Profile of Exhibits


Blow Molding Machines, Die Cutting & Casting Machines, Extruding Machines, Injection Molding Equipment, Mold Cleaning Equipment, Plastic Blending Machinery, Plastic Compounding Equipment, Plastic Cutting Machines & Cutters, Plastic Dryers & Mold Heaters, Spin Casting Equipment, Thermoforming Machines.


Flat Plate Vulcanizer, Rubber Raw Material & Auxiliaries, Rubber Blending Machinery, Mixing & Refining Machines, Product Molding Equipment, Press & Molding Equipment.

Quality Detection Instrument And Equipment

Measuring & Detection Equipment, Mixing & Refining Machines, Electronic Automatic Instrument, Monitoring Device, Machinery Parts and Accessories.


Coating Equipment, Color Measuring Equipment, Envelope Making Machines, Ink Formulating Systems, Knives, Cutting Disks, Numbering Units & Machines, Printing Machinery & Accessories, Packaging Print & Process Systems, Printing Materials & Supplements, Post-Printing Machinery & Equipment, Pre-Printing Systems, Silk Screen Printing.


Converting Machinery, Dosing, Coding & Marking Systems, Flexible Packaging, Fiberboard Packages, Glass Bottles & Tin Cans, Logistics Research Centers, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Material, Packaging Magazines & Associations, Paper Bags and Folding Cartons, Physical Distribution Systems, Raw Materials & Auxiliaries, Rigid Packages, Quality Control Systems, Wrapping & Strapping Materials.